1. Is the journal indexed in google scholar?
Answer: Yes, you can check now by searching International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Studies (IJAHSS)

2. How much time does IJAHSS take for review process and publication?
Answer: Rapid publication is the hallmark feature of IJAHSS. We publish an article in the next available Issue provided that there is no delay from the corresponding author in case of any correction.

3. What sort of articles are published in IJAHSS?
Answer: We accept research article, review article and short communication. The journal welcomes articles from all fields of Arts, humanities and social sciences.

4. Does author need to provide their photograph?
Answer: No, Photo submission is not compulsory or mandatory.

5. How to submit an article?
Answer: All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the e-mail to the editor at submit.ijahss@gmail.com

6. Will I have to pay any Publication Charges?
Answer: IJAHSS charges the publication fee of a manuscript to cover the expenses of the open-access publication. These expenses include paper handling, peer review, editing, formatting, tagging, indexing, production, hosting on different servers, website maintenance, electric and internet expenses, staff salaries etc. This fee is paid by the author from his research budget or his supporting institution.

7. Can I be a reviewer in IJAHSS?
Answer: Yes, IJAHSS welcomes scientists from academia, industry, government to be part of the review panel. The scientists are requested to send their updated resume to the editor for approval to ijahssasm@gmail.com

8. How many authors are allowed in an article?
Answer: Not more than Six authors should be included in one article.

9. Can you give me more information about Copyright?
Answer: Authors are asked to transfer the copyright of their article to the publisher (or grant the publisher exclusive publication and dissemination rights). This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.

10. Is IJAHSS an Open Access Journal ?
Answer: Yes, IJAHSS is an open access journal.

11. Does IJAHSS provide Publication Certificate ?
Answer: Yes, IJAHSS provide soft copy of Publiation Certificte to all authors (On Author Request).

12. What happens if my paper gets rejected? Any other options?
Answer: We are committed to your publishing success. Your manuscript may be rejected by a journal for reasons other than your research’s quality. It may be more suitable for another journal! Let us suggest an alternative journal for resubmitting your manuscript and any reviewer comments.