Vol 5 Issue 6

1. Application of R for ARIMA Modeling and Prediction of Stock Prices
Author(s): Ashton Banda, Gu Jianya
2. Correspondence as a Literary form In the Expression of Suffering
Author(s): Said AIT LAHOUARI; Abdellah Romli
3. Efficacy of Google Classroom In Online Learning of BSE Social Studies at the College of Teacher Education, President Ramon Magsaysay State University, Iba, Philippines
Author(s): Grace R. Lasco, Lauro F. Ayonke, Francis Louel A. Eugenio, Rachelle Anne O. Sagun, Camille Jade A. Viado
4. Cultural Reflections: A Comparative Analysis of Women's Representation in English and Telugu Proverbs
Author(s): Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskara Sarma