Vol 5 Issue 3

1. Development Discourse and Policy Formulation in Global World
Author(s): Dr. Vikramendra Kumar
2. The Home-based Factors Contributing to Poor Academic Performance in Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSSs) in Mwanza District – Malawi
Author(s): Godfrey Mtchera
3. Internal Dynamics of India’s Foreign Policy towards Nepal
Author(s): Arun Kumar
4. A Study of Defense Mechanisms and Psycho-Immunity on Gender and the Use of Indigenous Techniques to Improve Psycho-Immunity: A Review Paper
Author(s): Khushi Gumber; Dr. Piyush Trivedi; Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
5. The Effect of Intergenerational Conflict among Adolescents, Young Adults and Older Adults Living in Spiritual Environment
Author(s): Riya Gupta; Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
6. Hinduism and Comparative Religion
Author(s): Dr. Vikramendra Kumar
7. A comparative Study of Meta Cognitive Skills of Music Practicing Students and Non-Music Students
Author(s): Arushi Kala; Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
8. A Comparative Study of Life Satisfaction between Working and Non-Working Women in A Spiritual Environment
Author(s): Vanshika Sharma; Dr. Pragya Rana; Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
9. Emotonal Intelligence and Emotional Maturity in Male and Female of Dev Sankriti Vishvavidhyalaya Students: A Comparative Study
Author(s): Prachi Rathod; Dr. Manoranjan Tripathy
10. Analysis of hot legal issues in China's live-streaming marketing
Author(s): Lei Li; RuoHanLi; Hang Zhou
11. The Challenges of Remote Interaction for Tour Guides in Morocco: Testimonies and Issues
Author(s): FRAINE Abdelmounaim; BAHMAD Malika; Professor Malika BAHMAD
12. A Realistic Approach to Organizing Classes According to the Specific Needs of Learners
Author(s): FRAINE Abdelmounaim & BAHMAD Malika
13. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification and Quality Service Practices of Selected State Colleges and Universities in Region III
Author(s): Dr. Evangeline R. Gabriel
14. A utilitarian approach to teaching reading in primary school in a specific context
Author(s): FRAINE Abdelmounaim; BAHMAD Malika
15. Study on Teaching Strategies of Continuation Task Based on the Development of English Key Competencies
Author(s): Chunyan Wu