Vol 5 Issue 2

1. Assessment of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core Panel System for Mass Housing in India
Author(s): Jaya Surya R & Dr. M Kranti Kumar
2. Employment Indicators of The Population of Tashkent Region and Their Statistical Analysis
Author(s): Mirolimov Mirislam
3. Creating Effective You Tube Advertisements For Enhanced User Engagement
Author(s): Shiv Shankar Das
4. Adjustment of Prospective Teachers As Related To Their Self- Efficacy
Author(s): Dr. Neelam; Dr. Promila Devi; Ms. Jyoti
5. National Dailies Coverage of Environmental Issues in the Western Ghats
Author(s): Dr. Varna. M
6. Challenges of Digital Education in India-Covid19's Impact on Higher Education
Author(s): Prof. Puttaswamy Gowda. M
7. An analysis of hot legal issues for Chat GPT products in China
Author(s): Lei Li; WenLe Kong; RuoHan Li
8. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in Google: A Text Analysis
Author(s): Namkil Kang
9. Socioeconomic Impact of Gender Discrimination in Conflict Management in Nigeria
Author(s): Raymond Adibe
10. Implementation of the Integration of Indigenous Peoples (IPS) Studies/ Education at the President Ramon Magsaysay State University
Author(s): Marie Fe D. de Guzman
11. An Arts-Based CYC Practice Self-Portrait Learning Assessment: A Visual Journey of Self-Investigation, Self-Projection and Identification
Author(s): Tasha Barrow; Jennika Kuruliak; Carly Currie; Gerard Bellefeuille
12. Social Survey on the Right to Discipline in Education
Author(s): Mei-Yi Hu; Lin-Ying Xian; Wan-Ting Mo; Bing-Quan Li
13. The Factors Influence Self-Confidence in Speaking Performance
Author(s): Dr. Usman Pakaya; Titien Fatmawaty Mohammad; Nurmalinda Ibrahim
14. A Case Study of Awareness about Economic Empowerment of Women in Kirugaavalu Village
Author(s): Dr. Prameela. H.N