Vol 5 Issue 1

1. Titre de l’article : Ecrire l’exil entre deux cultures dans Yotambé soc catalana de Najat Elhachmi
Author(s): Hanan Rais
2. The Contextual Philosophical Text and its Moral Educational Values in Two Yoruba Arts Music: An Analytical Perspective of David Bolaji’s Creativity
Author(s): David Bolaji
3. Language Ideological Practices in Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners
Author(s): Thomas Michael Abah; Gbenga Julius Joseph; Jonathan Luka Yiljep
4. From Kingdom to Emirate: A Political History of Yawuri since the 15th Century
Author(s): Yasin Abubakar (PhD) & Abubakar Samaila
5. Assessment of Educational Resources For The Implementation Of Undergraduate General Studies Entrepreneurship Curriculum In Federal Universities In North Central Geo-Political Zone, Nigeria
Author(s): Hulda Maxwell Davwet; Dorah Nanman Damar; Meshach Gomam Goyit; Yakubu Gorah Kajang
6. Stress, Anxiety and Ambivalence: Reading Maternal Experiences and PPD in Dancing on The Edge of Sanity
Author(s): Ishab Mishra & Madhusmita Pati
7. Protecting of the patient between international instruments and the Moroccan legislation
Author(s): Lamia Falaki
8. The Practice Of Suplay: A Partnership Venture Between The Financiers And Farmers-Suplay In Northern Luzon, Philippines
Author(s): Leonardo L. Samonte
9. A study of Trends of Economic Indicators in India in the Post Covid Period – Facts and Issues of Concern
Author(s): Dr. Anamika Kaushiva
10. A Study on Relationship between Digital Collaboration and Motivation
Author(s): Jayashree Mahanti