Publication Ethics

The manuscripts submitted to IJAHSS will be reviewed for possible publication on the understanding that they have been submitted only to ‘IJAHSS’ and have not been published, simultaneously submitted, or accepted before for publication elsewhere.

IJAHSS is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal that is published Bi-monthly, in online version as an open-access.

Author Ethical Responsibilities
The authors who submit their manuscripts to IJAHSS are expected to comply with the following ethical responsibilities:

  • Articles submitted to the Journal must be original. All citations from other sources must be clearly
  • The names of the individuals who do not contribute to the study must not be included among If there is a conflict of interest regarding the study, the process under Conflict of Interest must be followed.
  • During the review process of their manuscripts, the author(s) may be asked to supply raw data. In such a case, the author(s) should be ready to submit such data and information to the editorial and scientific boards.
  • Author(s) should document that they have the participants' consent and the necessary permissions related to the sharing and research/analysis of the data that are used.
  • Author(s) bears the responsibility to inform the editor of the journal or publisher if they happen to notice a mistake in their study which is in early release or publication process and to cooperate with the editors during the correction or withdrawal process.
  • Authors cannot submit their studies to multiple journals simultaneously. Each submission can be made only after the previous one is completed.
  • No author names can be added after submission.

  • Reviewers’ Responsibilities
  • Reviewers assist the editors in improving the quality of the research articles by reviewing the manuscripts with objective authority and efficiency.
  • Reviewers justify their evaluation of the manuscripts. Any statement of an observation, derivation, or argument having been previously reported must be accompanied by the relevant citation.
  • Reviewers point out if relevant published or unpublished work is used but not cited in a manuscript.
  • While the review of a manuscript may justify criticism, reviewers avoid personal or malicious criticism of the author.
  • Reviewers treat all reviewed manuscripts confidentially and do not copy or distribute them by any means.
  • Reviewers guarantee to be free of conflicts of interest with respect to the research topic, the author(s), and/or other parties involved and to otherwise declare so in advance and renounce the assignment with immediate effect.

  • Publisher’s Responsibilities
  • The publisher ensures the integrity of the academic record.
  • The publisher constantly strives to further develop models of good practice in close cooperation with the editorial board, reviewers, and authors.
  • The Publisher has the responsibility to take all the precautions to avoid scientific exploitation, abuse, and plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism
    The journal has a policy of screening for plagiarism. The authors must only present for publication their original articles, which have not been published previously as a whole or insignificant part of any other copyrighted content. Submitted articles may be checked with duplication-checking software.

    Conflict of interests
    The journal requires all authors to disclose any possible conflicts of interest. If the conflict occurs, the statement should be placed before the references list in a declaration.

    Submitted manuscripts that are found to have either fabricated or falsified experimental results, including the manipulation of images, will incur data fabrication and falsification sanctions.